Tomer Cohen – Head of operations of RideOn

Where did the idea for RideOn come from?
My friends Ori Kotek and Alon Getz,have both been jetfighter since the 1990s. Hence they have been using Augmented Reality (AR) for more than 20 years. This is what opened their eyes to the infinite potential of this technology outside the world of modern warfare.

Why did you decide to start this business?
We started this business as we saw an opportunity in the fast growing AR market. There was and still isn’t, with the exception of ourselves, a functional AR headset for outdoors. In addition, we are passionate about this technology and feel that everyone of us should be lucky enough to benefit from it in their everyday lives.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?
Everyday, when we arrive at the office, the first thing we do is to recap what we did the previous day and establish whether our goal was achieved. We are then briefed by Alon and go do what we have to do. We often have brainstorming sessions, which are extremely interactive. Each one of us is able to contribute and have his say on the decisions taken by the company. As we are currently trying to raise money for our A round, we have regular meetings with potential investors to present them our products.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

How does your business differ from your competitors?
As of now, we do not have any direct competitors. Our only potential competitors are companies that build AR for indoors such as Google Hololens. However, the technology they use is totally different to ours. On top of this, our anchoring technology enables us to do things that no one else has been able to for outdoors activities in order to have a stable and precise experience whilst using AR.

What kind of new trends excites you?
I am very enthusiastic about technological advances in the world of sports as I myself am an avid surfer and snowboarder and that is why I work in a start-up that strives to take strides in this sector.

What part of your job do you personally find most interesting?
Combining passion and business. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I go surfing, snowboarding or motorcycling, just the thought of helping others to engage this type of activity excites me.

Please describe one of your habit that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?
Stay hungry, stay foolish.

From your perspective, what are the challenges that you have to face as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?
Customers don’t change personal habits quickly – No one understood why he\she needed the internet or smartphone before they had it, same problem with AR, people do not understand why they should put the goggles on their head, it takes time to adopt a new pattern of behaviour, but look what PokemonGo did with just a small taste from AR.

Combining passion and business.

Do you have any advice/business idea for our readers before they decide to launch their business?
Choose your team wisely and do not jump in to quick decision in the HR segment.

What Tools/Apps do you use to growth your business on a daily basis?
We are currently aiming to spread awareness of our brand worldwide. To do so we use social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and our number of followers has been steadily increasing over the past couple of months.



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