Damien King Founder of Pummel

I’ve always wanted to do a startup in the health and fitness space as unlike the majority of apps, can have a positive effect on peoples lives and has a universal appeal. I came up with the idea after several years of doing more work than exercise and needing motivation to improve my health. I tried a number of apps of pre-recorded workouts but found this wasn’t enough motivation.

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Lydia Di Francesco founder of 15 Minute Workout Club

Hi! I’m Lydia Di Francesco, founder of Fit & Healthy 365 and the 15 Minute Workout Club. I help women get strong, shred fat, and build stamina through short and effective workouts they can do at home. 15 Minute Workout Club uses a membership model where members pay a small monthly fee for on-demand access to a growing library of workout videos they follow along to. There’s no thinking...

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