Nav Dabb – Partner/Growth Manager at Zent

My name is Nav and my current position at Zent is Partner/Growth Manager at Zent. We here at Zent rent out high action equipment to consumers at a low rate with free shipping both ways. We offer a vast range of items that otherwise have high purchasing costs, such as Electric Skateboards and Foldable Kayaks to something even more technological like Virtual Reality and Drones.

Where did the idea for (Your Business) come from?
I was approached by Ari Shpanya with the idea and it was something that I was extremely interested in pursuing with him

Why did you decide to start this business?
We saw a need that had to be met.

Don’t get discouraged

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?
A typical day is interacting with customers directly, attaining vendors, updating the app, creating newsletters, and sometimes even having to deliver local orders.

How does your business differ from your competitors?
There isn’t really anything like us…yet.

Actually starting up is usually the biggest problems entrepreneurs face

What kind of new trends excites you?
Trends that are fun and bring people together are the ones that excite me.

What part of your job do you personally find most interesting?
That every day is new and different. Every day I face new challenges/excitements/advancements and I look forward to what each day brings with Zent.
Please describe one of your habit that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur? One habit of mine that I plan my day in advance. I have this whiteboard that I keep updating on what I need to do, then I number them in level of importance night to night. So that the next day I have road map setup and don’t have to stress out by jumping from one task to another.

From your perspective, what are the challenges that you have to face as an entrepreneurs and how did you overcome them?
Actually starting up is usually the biggest problems entrepreneurs face. I have had ventures in the past that haven’t shined but each day is a new opportunity to try.

Do you have any advice/business idea for our readers before they decide to launch their business?
Don’t get discouraged. Keep innovating and bring new ideas into this world.

What Tools/Apps do you use to growth your business on a daily basis?
Intercom, Social Media and user reviews/videos.

What is your opinion, which book is a must to read before starting a business and why?
Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries. I chose this book because it had some really valuable lessons on how to manage your money. As with most start-ups, capital is hard to come by this book helped guide how to manage the budget we had set in place. Another reason is that I had the pleasure of actually meeting with Eric Ries along with other many other entrepreneurs in person at the Lean Start-up Conference in San Francisco.



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