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kalyan-bangaI am Kalyan Banga, a Post Graduate in Business Analytics from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta, a globally recognized premier management institute. I have spent 6 years in field of Analytics.
14+ years of rich experience in domain of business analytics, market research, management consulting and strategy. My multi-country and multi-cultural experience enhances my technical Analytics expertise to steer businesses towards facts and data supported decisions prime to the local business culture and environment. My work exposure spans from mature market like US to developing market like India. For the past 3 years, I have been instrumental in setting up of a Business Analytics & Intelligence team in a multinational Analytics company based on North America. During these years, I have worked on various tools like R, SAS, SPSS and XLMiner.

Fusion Analytics World is a one stop place for everything on Analytics, empowering readers to create value from data. The platform intends to provide a holistic view of the Analytics industry by bringing together all ecosystem players within the global Analytics market. The platform is created for readers to not only view niche content, apply for jobs or courses and list their start-ups & businesses in directory but also to participate and share their individual expertise with the community and gaining credibility in front of the entire analytics population and be noticed by becoming “Top Contributor” of the site.

Where did the idea for Fusion Analytics World come from?
Idea came from the lack of one stop place for everything in ‘analytics’. I was visiting several websites for different requirements, so felt the need for a one stop place for anything & everything on ‘analytics’ and that’s when the idea of building Fusion Analytics World (http://fusionanalyticsworld.com) came to my mind.

Why did you decide to start this business?
To serve the analytics community: enthusiasts, freshers and experienced professionals along with ecosystem players. Fusion Analytics World is world’s first ever one stop platform for big data, data mining, data science, business analytics, data visualization, machine learning, statistical analysis, technology CXO insights.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?
My typical day is split between operations and sales & marketing. I have to balance both sides to make it work. While operations involves finding relevant topics, content writing, editing submissions etc, sales & marketing involves co-marketing with other ecosystem players, partnership discussions, promotion of fusion analytics world on social media, giving interviews and sharing opinion with bloggers / technology & startup writers / media , advertisement discussion etc.

How does your business differ from your competitors?
As mentioned earlier, Fusion Analytics World platform is poised to become ‘The Analytics Encyclopedia’ for the world analytics community. We would be adding more menu/features in 2017 as part of our strategy. There is no other website serving the community which is providing everything under one platform.

What kind of new trends excites you?
Technology has always excited me and any new disruptive innovation in technology interests me. I am an analyst and I keep providing my industry perspective / share latest trends and guidance to CXO community. I work closely with CXO’s through consulting activities and share my views/opinion about latest trends and its impact with media from time to time

What part of your job do you personally find most interesting?
Talking to senior leadership, providing guidance and doing a root cause analysis of what is working and what is not and in turn suggesting them with relevant changes. I also love interacting with analyst/media and bloggers/tech writers and share my views

Please describe one of your habit that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?
I am very punctual, good at time management. So I divide my day in a way so that I can cover all the activities that I plan to complete in a day. Unless you plan it properly, lot of activities gets pushed unnecessarily which is not advisable for any entrepreneur

Keep a close eye on the market, differentiate to draw attention …

If it isn’t a secret, could you please describe one strategy that has helped you grow your business?
Keep a close eye on the market, differentiate to draw attention, become a big fish in a niche area and then expand once you get the right signals

From your perspective, what are the challenges that you have to face as an entrepreneurs and how did you overcome them?
As a startup entrepreneur there are several challenges right from arranging funding (we are bootstrapped) to getting the right content for readers to visit the website regularly to forging partnerships with other ecosystem players, do the right mix of marketing through a mix of online/offline strategy with a close eye on budgets etc.

I have worked with MNCs as well as startups and I have gained a fair idea how to navigate things. I do talk to a few leaders to seek advice. Overall, till now everything is pretty much in control and working exactly the way I had planned and hoping to make 2017 a significant year for Fusion Analytics World with couple of awards and recognitions in our kitty.

be very clear about your business model & differentiating factors from competition …

Do you have any advice/business idea for our readers before they decide to launch their business?
My two cents to all budding entrepreneurs, it’s good to chase your dreams but first be very clear about your business model & differentiating factors from competition and have a clear thought on how you will get your first few paying customers. If you can nail these, you will see huge success.

I have seen people failing in their business with a good idea just because they cannot convince customers to buy their product/service. Also do keep in mind, it would not be a very smooth ride, so be prepared for a bumpy ride, just be excited and have patience and back yourself.

What Tools do you use to growth your business on a daily basis?
We use ‘R’ programming tool the most for doing analysis

What is your opinion, which book is a must to read before starting a business and why?
I would suggest ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries’. I read it couple of times and it gave me lot of good ideas and thoughts about how a startup works, what I need to remember for my startup and how to grow it and be prepared for the challenges as advised


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