Brad Dowdle Founder of Yarn Video App

brad_dowdleI am a graphic designer, filmmaker, and app creator. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University and have since worked at design studios in Salt Lake City and in-house in San Francisco. I have had the opportunity to work with many national and international brands as well as help create various start-up companies.

Where did the idea for Yarn Video App come from?
I was visiting family over the holidays and wanted to create a simple and quick movie from the video I had taken on my iPhone. I couldn’t find an app that was easy to use and had the essential editing tools I wanted, so I decided to create one myself. Since I am a trained graphic designer, I created the brand and app designs and then partnered with a development firm to code it.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?
I maintain a full-time design job during the week and use nights and weekends to dedicate to the app business. I create content, market, and design new improvements to the app.

How does your business differ from your competitors?
I would imagine because I’m just one person vs a team so I have to work smarter and more efficiently.

Constant effort is the most productive habit.

What kind of new trends excites you?
Anything related to video that will aid the average person in making stellar films. Drones and hand-help stabilizers are some of the latest gadgets that are hot right now.

What part of your job do you personally find most interesting?
Design of course! After that I would say collaborating with other business to grow both of our marketing reach.

Please describe one of your habit that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?
Constant effort is the most productive habit.

talk to key influencers who would have an interest in video-making

If it isn’t a secret, could you please describe one strategy that has helped you grow your business?
My strategy is to talk to key influencers who would have an interest in video-making and be more receptive in downloading my app.

From your perspective, what are the challenges that you have to face as an entrepreneurs and how did you overcome them?
I think it always comes down to money to get started. You might have a wonderful idea and be willing to invest the time and effort it takes to cultivate the idea, but unless you have a certain amount of capital to get you off the ground, you’ll have a hard time realizing the full potential of your idea. I was fortunate to have family members that believed in my idea and invested their resources to make it a reality.

Do you have any advice/business idea for our readers before they decide to launch their business?
Things will go wrong along the way, the question is what will you do when things do go wrong? If you decide to keep with it then you will set yourself up for success.

What is your opinion, which book is a must to read before starting a business and why?
I don’t think it’s a book, I think it’s a mind-set. 5 years is going to go by regardless if you do anything or not, so you might as well start your business and have something to show for it, win or lose.



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