Hi there —

A lot of people ask me why we started with Startupcasts.co.
It’s a fair question. There are plenty of reasons…

We believe that best teachers are you – entrepreneurs yourselves. You are passionet about your business; plus you have lot of valuable experience you can share with others to help them succeed as you did. You never know, who of them will become your next business partner.

On the other hand, you, who want to become a successful entrepreneur, die to hear how you shall start your business, what to do and what rather to avoid on your carreer. Startupcasts.co gives you the opportunity to learn from the best ones.

These are the reasons why me and my team decided to create Startupcasts.co.

Every interaction starting on this web, shall help to create a www – world/wide/win 😉 We want you, entrepreneurs, to get some free PR (all interviews will be promoted on our social media channels, cooperation blogs and other PR and marketing channels). We want our readers to learn from our content. And we want to use that content to build a sustainable media property.

Our main goal is to help you bring your idea to life, by getting you to share and to get inspired by all the stories here.

Give it a shot, and publish your interview. How? Just reply back to me and I will send you our questionnaire with related instructions.

Thank you for your time
Best regards,

Co-founder of Startupcasts.co

Twitter: @startupcasts_co

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